TUTTI Swivel Sintered Stone Coffee Table

Tutti swivel sintered stone coffee table

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tutti sintered stone coffee table

Product Details

  • Table Top: 12mm thickness sintered stone
  • Base: Carbon steel + Stainless Steel + Chrome
  • Assembly: Minor assembly required
  • Maintenance: Clean with soft damp cloth
  • Colour: Table-top available in 8 colours. Please scroll down the page & select

Key Features

What is sintered stone

Sintered stone is made from the process of combining mineral and stone particles into a solid piece, under over 1200℃ heat and 15000t pressure. Widely used in industrial fields such as interior and exterior surface of buildings; and residentially kitchen worktops or bathroom vanities, sintered stone has the following features:
  • Weight:thin & light weight
  • Hardness:6+ on Mohs scale. Very durable & strong
  • Resistance:waterproof, stainproof & high heat resistance
  • Safety:hygienic, sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Maintenance: Non-porous surface easy to clean. Resealing doesn’t require


Diametre Height
Table Top(large) 80cm 43cm
Table Top(small) 55cm 41cm

Table Top colour

Note: colour and patterns of sintered stone may vary due to size, shape and natural characteristics of the material.


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