I am interested in your furniture, can I see them before purchasing?
Of Course. You are most welcome to view your favourite piece of furniture at our showrooms or warehouse. Please be aware that we do not always have everything on display in the showroom. You can contact us on 03 9077 0649 (Melbourne) or 02 9584 8204 (Sydney) to enquire about the display or stock status of the product you wish to view.
What is pleather?
Pleather is a durable mixture of leather and vinyl. Pleather is commonly used on low wear areas, sides, backing and undersides. The colour is matched to the original leather and varies rarely can they be differentiated. Although Pleather has great durability against wear and tear and UV decay we are still obligated to notify our customers of these mixtures.
Do you provide warranty for your products?
Yes, we generally offer 1-3 years warranty for our products. Please check our terms & conditions for further details.
How to place an order?
You can place an order online or visit our local showroom.
How much is required for a deposit upon ordering?
30% of the order total is required to process your order
What payment methods do you accept?
→ Online we accept Visa, MasterCard, Electronic Funds Transfer or you can choose to pay in-store. Please note, on some orders, you may be requested to show proof of ID (e.g. licence) and the credit card used to purchase the item prior to delivering.
→ Over the phone, we accept payment by credit card, however, at the point of delivery, the credit card holder will need to be present.
→ In-store we accept cash and credit cards.
Do you offer layby?
Yes we do, we understand your house might not be finished or you might not be ready for your item but you want to take advantage of that good deal or plan in advance. However, Due to the bulky size of the furniture, we can not stock all items at our warehouse – so we are unable to guarantee immediate availability of your stock if you want your furniture earlier or later than the agreed timeframes. For more information please contact one of our sales staff at your local showroom
What if my order is late?
Please don’t worry. We’ll let you know straight away if your estimated delivery time has changed. Of course, some delays are beyond our control but if this happens we will make every effort to keep you informed.
How do I know if the furniture will fit in my house?
All furniture on our website has dimensions that specify the height, depth and width of a product. You can use these dimensions to measure a space.
What if my furniture does not fit?
Nobody wants the unfortunate situation where the furniture you’ve ordered does not fit, where it’s too big for the room or won’t fit through your home’s doorways or entrances. So, when you order your furniture, it’s important to check that it will fit into your house and your room. Please measure all doors, stairways and the chosen space as carefully as possible. Fancy Homes cannot accept responsibility for furniture not fitting, as ultimately it is up to you, the customer, to measure. If the worst happens and your delivered furniture won’t fit in, we can offer advice on what to do next. If this happens, or if you are concerned about furniture due to be delivered may not fit then please email us or contact us.
Can I request a specific time for delivery?
Sorry we can guarantee the specific time for delivery. Circumstances such as traffic, time spent at previous deliveries and other issues outside of the driver’s control can substantially alter the anticipated time of delivery. We do however offer a service where our drivers will call 1 hour prior to delivery. In most cases, this gives the customer the opportunity to get home and meet the driver.
Can I pick up from your showroom/warehouse?
You are most welcome to pick up the item from our Melbourne or Sydney warehouse, and it is FREE. However, Pickups are only available Monday-Friday by prior arrangement only. We just ask that you give us 24 hours’ notice so we can have your item ready for you.
Can your warehouse store my furniture?
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Can I make changes to my order?
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Do you use genuine leather for your sofa?
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What is your lead time?
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