Leather Lounges Suites

Custom Made Leather Lounge Suites Online

Seating is one of the most important furniture choices you will make for your home. Leather lounges make for an incredibly comfortable and versatile option for you and your family with the striking good looks you want for entertaining guests.

Our leather lounge suites give you many options for creating a space that is perfectly coordinated and inviting. Our choices in styles, colours, and leather types let you choose from the greatest range of leather lounges in Sydney, Melbourne and online. We also give you the option to have our leather lounge suites customised to fit your taste and your personal needs. No matter what you choose, you can count on a quality piece of furniture that looks great in your home.

Our furniture comes directly from the manufacturer. We order your custom leather lounges to be made according to your specifications and then deliver them to your Melbourne or Sydney location. If you live outside of these metro areas - no problem, we can provide a custom shipping quote. Nothing will complement your home décor more than a custom leather lounge suite made for your unique purpose.

Every piece of furniture we sell is made from quality materials for strength and durability. Only hardwood products are used to construct the frame. Layers of high-density foam create comfort and support. Our leather lounges look stylish and make every seat the best seat in the house!

No one offers a better value on leather lounges across Melbourne and Sydney than Fancy Homes. We always offer the highest quality of furniture at a lower price than retail stores. Place your order for a new leather lounge suite and experience the Fancy Homes difference!

Why Buy Custom Leather Lounge Suites?

Leather furniture is an ideal option for any home thanks to its many advantages such as durability, comfortability and aesthetic appeal. Leather will last much longer than fabric upholstery, meaning you won’t have to replace your lounge suites as often. Additionally, leather is easy to clean and comes in a variety of styles and colours so you can find the perfect piece for your home.

If you’re looking for the best leather lounge suites online, look no further. Whether you’re trying to outfit your dining room with leather seated chairs or want to buy a comfortable lounge suite, we can help. You can come see our selection of lounge suites and other furniture items at a showroom near you in Sydney and Melbourne.

How Long Will My Custom-Made Leather Lounge Suite Last?

Leather is highly durable and should last for many years if you take the time to care for it properly. In fact, it’s not surprising to see quality leather furniture being passed down as heirloom furniture pieces. Buying a leather lounge suite is a great investment for your home.

Here at Fancyhomes, we believe high quality furniture is the only furniture worth having. Learn more about us today to find out why our lounge suites for sale will beat the competition every time.

How Can I Care for My Leather Lounge Suite?

Spill something on your leather furniture? Not a worry – most spills can easily be wiped up with a damp cloth and some professional leather cleaning products.

Many leathers are treated to protect against stains and spills, but it’s important to give your leather furniture proper care by promptly cleaning up spills. Care for your natural leather by keeping it out of direct sunlight, which can fade its finish. Make sure your furniture is installed correctly with our online installation guide.

Do expect to see some slight wear and tear on leather furniture. Things like wrinkles, softening, creases or natural blemishes on the hide are all normal. Questions about caring for your sofa or another item? Visit our FAQ page or call us today for assistance.

What Colours and Types of Leather Do You Carry?

Our huge selection of options ranges from beautiful white chaise leather sofas to sleek black modern leather lounge suites perfect for any room and everything in between. You could even get creative with over 150 colour options in our stores. Show off your unique and contemporary side with our selection of lounge suite collections or go for a big and bold look with our modular or corner options.

There are no lounge suites online that are more versatile. Don’t see the size, colour or design that you want? Not an issue! We’d love to help you custom-make the perfect piece of furniture for your needs. Visit our website to contact us or call us today. We’d love to help.