Like most people, work for big-name companies after graduate from Australia's top university was once the life of the team who established Fancyhomes. Brought up in the families of successful entrepreneurs, the exposures to the innovative business ideas had a lasting impact on this group of people. So, when the concept of "Quality and customisable furniture at inexpensive prices" popped up into their minds in 2009, they decided to take the leap into business ownership with a faith of making a difference. After almost three years of research, planning and networking, the journey of Fancyhomes started.

Fancyhomes believes in the importance of product innovations and customer service. Under the ever-increasing market expectations, the low-quality furniture simply doesn't work. Having witnessed customers struggle to find uniquely-designed furniture; businesses set the price higher to exploit the word "SALE", the concept is distinct – we are here to bring contemporary and uniquely designed furniture to Australia, customised in customer's way at affordable prices and delivered with an exceptional level of customer service.

Unlike businesses that remove "middle-man" by remotely monitoring factories, we have our own team of experts established since day one alongside the furniture makers. They oversee all stages of productions - from the selections of materials, glass, lighting systems to the choice of inside structures such as foams, springs and hardwood; from the add-on features, product packaging to the final quality control. So you know the cost savings we deliver to you are never at the expense of quality.

Sourcing the top of the line furniture from leading manufacturers at very competitive price requires more than connections. Different from the importers that bring the furniture from agents or factories, we partner with top manufacturers and fostered decades of cloth-knit relationships with them. Our teams tirelessly participate in the product R&D to maintain the uniqueness of the designs. We continuously update the market trends to ensure our products are specially tailored to Australian consumers. We actively assist in moving a product from prototype to production to bring customisations to life. The leadership, the continuous joint improvement had ultimately led to our strong bargaining power within the suppliers' network. It allows us to deliver the best custom-made furniture to you at the most accessible price.

At Fancyhomes, we bring together passionate and honest people. Our team comprises top talents with proven achievements in furniture and luxury industries. In the digital era that information becomes very transparent, we pride ourselves on creating an exceptional level of client experience though passion, patience and sincere advice. Whether you have no idea or too many ideas, our team of professionals are always there to assist you in working out the best plan. We believe in you, our client is our greatest asset.

It is Fancyhomes, a brand you can trust; the brand brings a lot of luxury to you for less.