Leather Modular Sofas (U-Shaped Suites)

Custom Made Modular Lounges (U-Shaped Couches) Online

Arrange the ideal seating area for your modern home with leather modular sofas and U-shaped suites from Fancy Homes. Whether you have a small sitting room that needs cosiness and pizzazz, a medium-size living room in a busy household or a large family room that requires extra seating for your children's friends, Fancy Homes has you covered with modular lounge suites that suit your style and budget.
Our passion for providing comfortable, quality furniture customised to your specifications makes Fancy Homes your one-stop-shop for home furnishings, and you can find out more on how we ensure your satisfaction by reading our FAQ.

Where Can You Shop for Modular Lounges?

View our selection of custom leather modular lounge designs at our Australia showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney. To ensure you get the customer service you require, it helps to contact us and make an appointment for viewing both ready-made and customised pieces.

What Leather Modular Lounge Styles and Colours Does Fancy Homes Offer?

Fancy Homes offers a vast array of modular lounges designed with comfort, durability and style in mind. Choose sleek, curved leather modular lounges to outfit your modern living room or select traditional squared options to give seating areas a classic look. Two-tone modular lounges rocking black-and-white or cream-and-beige colour schemes help you easily match new additions with existing furnishings, while vibrant orange and red options punctuated with white accents bring a youthful urban vibe to your home decor. Our installation instructions FAQ has information on how modular pieces can potentially fit together, so you can achieve a great fit in your living room. No matter your preferred style, Fancy Homes has a U-shaped modular lounge sofa that suits it perfectly.

How Do You Care for a Custom U-Shaped Modular Lounge?

Besides durability, the main advantage of a modular leather couch from Fancy Homes is easy care. When you buy a modular lounge from us, it typically only requires spot cleaning with a damp cloth and occasional wipe downs with a leather conditioner to keep it looking good as new. The ease of care makes our U-shaped modular lounge units ideal for use in busy spaces, including homes with kids and pets and contemporary office suites.