Mr.Z Customised Pillow-Any Sleeper Classic

Mr.Z Customised Pillow-Any Sleeper Classic

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Any Sleeper Classic

The Thoughtful Combination of four zones differentiates the feelings of the head when sleeping on the back and sleeping on the side, steadily supports the neck, suitable for the consumers who have a habit of sleeping on their back or side and need to protect their neck.
A universal combination of four Zones, with different sleep feels for your head when you sleep on your back or on your side, and stable shoulder and neck support; ideal if you prefer sleeping on your back and desire superior neck and shoulder support.

Product Introduction

Limited by static height, hardness and materials, it’s impossible for traditional pillows to meet the different sleep demands of individuals, caused by different body shapes, and sleep habits. In order to satisfy the individualistic needs of sleepers, Mr Z has rolled out a brand new freeform pillow system. The modular system divides a pillow based on the functions and characteristics of each area into zones that can be easily changed. Now everyone can create a pillow perfectly fitted to their unique demands.

Material Introduction

We pay attention to every detail to achieve perfection – all to guarantee you a full night of quality sleep, every night.
Polyester Fiber: This generally contains both plant and chemical fibres. The fibres feel soft and are rich in bounciness, naturally fluffy, warm and comfortable, and give a nice feeling of snugness.
Latex: Latex can fight bacteria and allergies. It is also very flexible and does not deform easily. Mr.Z’s latex materials use honeycomb ventilation to allow breathability and disperse heat.
Memory Foam: The zero-pressure and temperature-sensing memory foam formulations developed by Mr.Z has two different formulations for the needs of different areas.

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